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Pricing varies from campaign to campaign depending on your needs. Please contact us for a quote!

Why Facebook advertising?

The benefits of Facebook advertising will blow your mind. Considering the fact that print advertising is on the decline, and Facebook marketing and usage is on the rise, you’re making a huge mistake if you’re not leveraging the benefits of Facebook advertising.

You are losing money every day your business is not advertising on Facebook. According to, digital advertising spending has surpassed TV ad dollars as of 2017. More is spent on digital advertising now than on TV advertising! And a huge portion of that digital advertising is happening on Facebook.

If you’re not advertising on Facebook, it’s time to take another look at it. Here’s why.

1 ~ Your customers are already there!

80% of all Internet users use Facebook. Even 65% of adults over the age of 65 use Facebook. 68% of US adults between the ages 18-29 are on Facebook. It now totals over 1.85 billion users worldwide. The average monthly user spends 27 minutes per day in the Facebook app per day. Regardless of who your customers are, they are using Facebook and using it daily. Therefore, one of the most important benefits of Facebook advertising is that your customers use it daily.

2 ~ FB advertising is mobile.

Mobile is the future of online as 50% of all internet users are mobile. Over 84% of Facebook users access Facebook from a mobile device on a daily basis. Facebook is one of the largest mobile apps that exist today. If you are following the trends of advertising, Facebook advertising will not fail you. It’s brilliant, really. Advertise to your audience on the devices they use every day!

3 ~ FB advertising is the most cost-effective advertising.

Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest forms of advertising. It’s very cost effective as you can literally spend $5 and reach 1,000 people. It doesn’t make sense to spend more in radio ads, newspaper ads, television commercials, billboards, and other traditional media to reach the same audience. Especially when that audience can be targeted versus blanketed to a huge audience and hope it sticks.

4 ~ FB advertising is more effective than organic (organic Facebook is almost dead)

Organic Facebook marketing is all but over for business pages. Organic Facebook marketing is practically dead. To be successful you’ll have to use Facebook advertising. Even if you are building a community of followers, you will likely have to use Facebook advertising to grow your community and increase engagement. Facebook advertising is a must if your business plans to adapt a social strategy and stay viable in the current marketplace.

5 ~ Facebook advertising is measurable.

Facebook advertising results are measurable. The numbers definitely speak for themselves since it’s easy to see how many impressions, clicks, and conversions you’re receiving. There are multiple ways to track how your advertising is performing.

6 ~ Facebook advertising is real-time.

With Facebook advertising you can look at your campaign in real-time. If you are unhappy with the results you can make adjustments to your campaign immediately therefore changing up your strategy mid stream.

This isn’t possible with other forms of advertising. After you’ve invested in radio ads, television ads, or print media, you’re unable to change your ad immediately if you do not see results. Facebook advertising helps you cut your losses immediately and make adjustments to be more effective.

7 ~ Facebook advertising is the most targeted form of advertising

With Facebook advertising, you have an incredible ability to reach your exact audience. You can advertise to people by sex, age, interests, behavior and location. This eliminates a ton of wasteful advertising to people who aren’t even interested in your product or service.

8 ~ Facebook advertising is fast

Facebook advertising drives immediate results. You can reach thousands of people today!

Pricing varies from campaign to campaign depending on your needs. Please contact us for a quote!