Social Media Assessment

You may be asking, “Why do I need a social media assessment?”

Great question! I’m so glad you asked!!

Social Media Assessments are fairly basic, yet super important to know whether or not your strategy is working. They are usually conducted after you already have an established online presence. The assessment reviews your online presence, assessing both your strengths and challenges on a particular social media platform. Our assessment is customized to your specific needs and industry, and will include a list of recommendations to further your growth and effectiveness on social media. When your social media assessment is complete, you’ll know exactly what to do more of, what needs to change, and things to begin implementing into your social content strategy.


  • A social media assessment allows you to create clear social media goals and methods to accomplish them.
  • Assessing your social media platforms on a regular basis (every 6 months or so) gives you the opportunity to improve on your social media strategy.
  • Improvements from the assessment will position your platform for optimal growth.
  • Reviewing your online position, helps you identify opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • Gives you a clear view of your social media presence and effectiveness.

In a nutshell, our Social Media Assessment gives you insight into areas that can be improved, ones that are great, and what you need to do to get overall better results.

Description Base Price (1 Platform)Each Additional Platform
Social Media Assessment (Includes a 30 minute follow-up phone call) $99$50