We offer 3 base packages to choose from. Each package can be customized as needed to fit your needs. See chart below for details about each package.

Planning and PostingIncludes researching, strategy planning, writing/designing and scheduling ongoing social media content/posts (that fit your brand voice) for your desired social network platforms.2 posts per week per platform3 posts per week per platform4 posts per week per platform
DistributionPublish posts on the applicable social network platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+, etc. Spaced properly for optimal performance. Max of 2 platformsMax of 3 platformsMax of 4 platforms
Boosting/Ad Campaigns Each package includes Ad Dollars for boosting and/or follower campaigns to increase your reach. More Ad Dollars can always be added as needed and are recommended to increase growth.$30/month in ads$60/month in ads$150/month in ads
MessagingMessaging is super important as well. The basic plan includes message forwarding, but Plus and Deluxe include us responding to messages for you.Message forwardingRespond to messagesRespond to messages
Engagement and InteractionWe spend time on engagement to increase your followers, post engagement, reach, responding to your fans/customers, across all of your social network platforms. We also connect with other pages, communities and users to promote increased visibility.
Post Timing OptimizationTiming of posts is crucial to reach and growth. We customize posting times for different platforms to reach their full potential.
MonitoringWe closely monitor your social platforms to ensure everything is running smoothly, respond to comments, remove derogatory comments, put out fires as needed and more.
Your Personal ManagerYou'll work directly with your Social Media Manager. We believe in having that personal touch. It also greatly decreases the time span between what you want to see, and when it goes public on your platforms. Especially helpful with time sensitive information.
Monthly ReportingEach package includes monthly reports. Growth, ad campaign results, engagement stats, etc. Delivered via email and can be discussed in person (if local to southeast Oklahoma) or online via Zoom, etc.
VideoUpgrade to our Plus Package for 1 custom promotional video per month and upgrade to our Deluxe package for up to 2 custom promotional videos per month!
Estimated Speed of GrowthHow much we post, the time we spend engaging, the budget you invest in boosting your content/posts and more all play a huge part in how fast you grow your following/presence on social media. Therefore, the more you post, engage and boost, the faster you grow! So, the bigger the plan, the faster the growth!Solid, steady growthBetter, more advanced growth Most aggressive growth
Base cost Each package can be customized to add more ad dollars and/or extra content creation/graphics/videos etc.$347/month$597/month$997/month

Don’t see anything that suits you? Never fear, we can assemble custom packages to fit your unique needs. Contact us here if you have any questions!